If you think only the big boys require professional profiles, it’s a given that you’re not one of them. In this world, it’s not what you know, it’s who knows you – and how you get people to know you through your branding and exposure. That’s why having opportunities all depends on having connections with others.

Whether you’re a financial adviser, a small business owner, or even just a regular office worker, it definitely benefits you to have an easily accessed online presence to reach out to other people that complements your industry. This may translate more clearly to either more business, or more visibility. 

But why don’t I just introduce myself clearly to people?

Hey, if simply explaining to everyone what you do is all we need, we wouldn’t need marketing at all. Think of your professional profile as that billboard of you hanging up above a road people are driving on. In an ideal situation, this road must have heavy traffic, where people slow down when they’re looking at your advertisement!

Done right, this can mean people trying to find out more on what you do. You’re no longer a pesky salesperson knocking on every door in front of them, but a sought-after resource.

If you want to be seen as an entrepreneur, be sure to get the message that you are a creator out. If your desire is to have people treat you as an authority, position yourself above the competition. As long as you are unique in your own right, there’s bound to be a market.

Attract offers the easiest profile builder without having knowledge in programming or design. We believe that everyone deserves to have that online presence without spending too much time or effort on something that gives them tangible results.

Then after building your profile, be sure to use our sharing tools to post that swanky profile on the various social media platforms that most people you are trying to reach to are using. Think of it as dropping your flyer at a congregation of your target audience.

Here’s to your continued success in your field of expertise, made easier with Synchestra!