Congratulations for your taking your first step in creating an online brand for yourself! While we’re preparing your accounts so that you can have the best experience, we’d like to give you some tips! Just watch the video below to have a better experience with just the first tool we have in store for you!

To summarize…
Make sure you have the relevant media ready to use! When we’re done with the basic features of profile builder, you’ll be able to
choose from a few specially curated sections to have the greatest impact! That’s why you really have to get a few things ready!

Your Biography

Make sure you have an engaging story just by following the points in the video above: Who you are, who are you reaching out to, what can you acheive for them, and why you do what you do.

Make your profile visual

If you have great photos of yourself, make sure you get them ready in a high resolution format to hit your audience with eye-candy.


10 boasts about yourself cannot compare to 1 honest testimonial from a delighted client. Make sure you start collecting those, in both written and video formats so that you can enhance your profile with social proof about the good you do!

Those are just some things that would enhance not just your online profile, but also your own personal brand, making you look like an authority, so be sure to have those ready when we launch, so that you can be the first to stand out online!
Be patient with us while we get some crinkles ironed out, but rest assured, we’ll be updating you once we’re done with them! In the meantime, all the best for your business!