Have you ever thought to yourself, why are resolutions called just that? Just take a moment and break the word down.


Does that mean they are repeated solutions to something you didn’t solve last year? We’ve all heard that gym membership and attendance always spikes at the beginning of the year, that’s when most people only just recently told themselves “I’m going to lose 10 kgs this year!” or “I’m going to start a family this year!” or for you financial advisers and insurance agents…

“I’m gonna achieve my MDRT this year!”

Worried about waistline while holding donut
Or “I’m going to cut 3 inches off my waistline… oh look! A donut!”

Does that mean we should never promise ourselves to do better?

The reason the same resolutions get made over and over again, year after year, is that people tend to give themselves excuses for not achieving a certain goal. Instead of making a statement, perhaps more people should try using Action plans and the right tools.

A step-by-step guide to Resolutions 2.0. – Made Possible With Synchestra Consultant from 15th January 2018

Let’s use the example of qualifying for MDRT: There are probably some of you who simply just say to yourselves, “I want to hit my convention trip/MDRT/COT/TOT this year!”.

MDRT Requirements in commission, premium, and income
Take note of these requirements!

However, without solidifying it in writing nor allowing yourself to visualize it. Without such reinforcement, are you truly taking it seriously?

Step 1: Setting that goal, and seeing it all the time

With Synchestra Consultant, if you haven’t already done so, add a goal. This goal will remind you each time you log in, how much your goals are, and your progress in achieving them.

Goal setting with Synchestra
Remember to set them as soon as you can!

It’s also put right on the dashboard, so after logging in, it’ll be the first thing you see. Every. Single. Time.

Of course, setting your goals is just part of the equation. A simple calculation will reveal that on average a target of $120k of commissions is at least $12k a month if you want to take 2 months worth of holidays. So your job is just to make sure you have $12k worth of cases right?


You need to have more than that to be on track.

Step 2: Add your potential pipeline

Even with Synchestra Rookie, you’ll be able to add contacts to actively manage who’s going to be your next client. By doing so, you’ll have more clarity over who to call next.

Screenshot of Synchestra Contacts
With just one place to manage leads, prospects, and clients, never lose a number again

Be it your closest clients, prospects you’ve just opened a case with, or leads whom you’ve had a good conversation with, you don’t have to fumble with finding their contacts and financial situations. Remember information is key, so the more information you have on them, the better you can assess if they have an outstanding need for you to expertly handle.

A very pragmatic approach to sales – just work on those with problems

Step 3: Maintaining a profitable pipeline

There’s no point in creating all your contacts, only to find that you don’t have enough cases to hit your bite-sized monthly goals.

That’s why you have to start adding opportunities for every potential client. With Synchestra Consultant, you’ll be able to track every step of your potential sale. You can then make sure that every month, you have a healthy inventory – just make sure it’s more than your goal (unless of course, you have a 100% conversion rate!).

Suddenly hitting that $12k commission doesn’t look that difficult!

As long as you identify the most profitable opportunities, and make it a priority to meet them, there’s no way you can’t hit your goals now. All you need to do is to start acting on them…

Step 4: Set up your activities

In Synchestra Consultant, you can add 3 types of activities. Appointments, calls, and tasks. All 3 are essential in making sure you close that client.

Make sure every week is a productive one!

As long as you keep that calendar full, with the required number of people to meet, I can guarantee you that you will hit your goals. Managers can also take a look at their consultants’ completed activities, to make sure their team remains productive over lull or holiday periods.

Step 5: Teeing up new leads

When it comes to sales as a financial consultant, chances are that you’re struggling with having enough people to meet in the first place. When prospecting is solved, activity is a guaranteed. That’s why even Synchestra Rookie comes with Profile Builder, an easy tool for you to solve at least 2 prospecting problems.

Referrals and meetup rates.

Using profile builder to create an easy-to-share profile, getting referrals should be easy as pie as long as you do a good job of planning for your client. After your appointment, just let them know that you’ll be sharing a link with them to forward to all their friends and family.

Now your clients can tell their friends more about you without wondering what to say!

Even when you’re planning to meet up with someone, all you need to do is to send them your profile even before you meet up. This allows them to know more about you before they even meeting so that it’s harder to postpone/cancel on you. Just make sure once it’s done, you share it with as many people as possible. There’s no point in creating the perfect profile only for you to keep it to yourself!

It’s a good thing we made sharing a profile as easy as a click of a button.

Remind your clients to share your profile!

This will certainly improve your meet-up and even closing ratios if you appear as an expert in your field. Remember, positioning, differentiation, and intention must be communicated for best results!

Is this all it takes?

There are no bad salespeople, just people with poor habits and/or poor training. If you tune your practices and regularly use the right tools, success is almost always a certainty. That’s why your next step is to sign up for Synchestra Rookie or Consultant right away if you haven’t already done so, and stop making meaningless resolutions that are airy-fairy, but rather, use Synchestra, the all-in-one platform for financial sales professionals. Set your goals and hit them this year!