As A Financial Sales Professional... 

Are You Still Struggling With...

Being Treated As Product Pushing?

The Inability To Open Bigger Cases?

Not Having A Conversation Opener?


A Solution To All Those Issues And More Is Available To

Synchestra Consultant Users!

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Stop using boring meaningless surveys that beat around the bush and don't offer value

Provide clarity to your prospects and customers in just 3 minutes - leading to more big retirement cases and higher closing ratios

Open conversations that lead to REAL SALES opportunities and bring prospecting to a new level

All that and more...

What if you could...

All While Using Your New Script Effectively!

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We wanted to help you achieve all that, so we created Synchestra Retirement Planner, one of the many apps included with a Synchestra Consultant Subscription. We even have a script for you to use it immediately - Access it below!

What Is Retirement Planner And How Does It Work?

In 3 simple steps, get the clients' actual needs, expand their budgets towards your unique solutions, and open their minds to your advice!

Synchestra Retirement Planner is an ATTRACT/CONVERT App that allows financial sales professionals to with a few simple questions, open SALES conversations with any prospect, be it cold strangers, or their friends and family at an informal gathering.

You will be able to present a PAIN, which would lead them YEARNING for your SOLUTION!

So Why Does Retirement Planner Work?

Let's face it, there are many problems with current prospecting methods:

  1. Paper surveys are boring, and there's no prize at the end of a short survey
  2. Roadshows pitches push specific products, but you can't risk boring the prospect with a full fact find
  3. And organizing such leads may be haphazard, causing you to lose leads you don't follow up on

That's why we built Synchestra Retirement Planner keeping in mind...

  1. Advisers need a tool to engage a lead, and let them yearn for a reward
  2. Keep the product sales focus of roadshows, but yet allowing prospects to know their objective needs
  3. Have every lead collected sent straight to a single location for management, even if you don't close on the spot

The End Result is a tool which...

Has a high amount of tactile interaction, as well as a graphically rich interface

Can be used for selling retirement plans, endowments, investment-linked plans and more

Gives the reward of clarity to the prospect through numbers THEY provide

Is tightly integrated with Synchestra CRM, automatically creating contacts, financial priorities, and sales opportunities!

And There's More To It!

Synchestra Retirement Planner can also work passively for you. We made it so that you can...

  1. Embed it as a widget in your own website
  2. Add it to your Synchestra Professional Profile as a custom section
  3. Use it as a standalone tool for your prospecting needs (roadshows, networking events, street canvassing, etc.)
  4. Have all leads generated added as contacts automatically within Synchestra CRM

Synchestra Retirement Planner is the easiest-to-use, prospect qualifying tool built specially for financial services professionals



Synchestra Also Comes With An Entire Suite Of Apps For Any Elite Financial Sales Professional...

Stop poor follow up with Synchestra CRM - the only CRM built SPECIFICALLY for financial sales professionals, by financial sales professionals

Passive lead generation and simpler prospecting with Profile Builder

3 steps to sell needs and collect leads with Retirement Planner

ATTRACT apps are built for financial sales professionals to generate leads and qualify more prospects with less effort and less headaches

CONVERT apps give users clarity over their prospects' portfolios, allowing them to close bigger cases faster

Power up your insurance summaries for your clients with 2 new amazing

CONVERT apps that go hand in hand!

Stop struggling with spreadsheet applications and use Insurance Summary from this point forward!

No more product pushing! Create need-based conversations by referencing products to your clients' priorities

Never delay on servicing! Access all your clients' policies anywhere, on any device

Stop getting mixed up with different versions! Track your clients' progress by simply saving previous versions to their profiles!

Still think you'll spend too much time keying in product information? How about just 30 seconds per policy?

Snap & Sync lets you point your phone at the most relevant pages of most insurance policies, and just...




And it'll almost magically appear in your client's Insurance Summary! 

Saving hours of preparation work on your non-billable hours, adding immense value to your clients, and portraying your professionalism without wrestling with complex spreadsheets!

These apps are all available via the Synchestra Marketplace and comes bundled with every Synchestra Consultant Subscription among other amazing services!

The Bonus Script You've Been Waiting For... Using Retirement Planner Effectively:

After going through the results of retirement planner:

Mr Customer, I'm sure you have been doing all you can to address your retirement needs. In fact, I'm very happy you are doing anything at all!

Having helped many families, I realized that retirement planning is something that everyone wants to do, but not everyone will take concrete action, wouldn't you agree? <Wait for agreement>

That's why I want to help you with your unique situation and make sure you'll be able to retire with your desired lifestyle. If we speak further I'll be able to share with you some strategies some of my clients employ in their finances, and see if they can help you too.

<Call to action (if you're at a roadshow, get a sit-down. If you're canvassing, proceed to get the contact and fix and appointment>

This short script has led to users opening over SG$105,000 in regular premiums in a single month!

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