As A Financial Sales Professional... 

Are You Still Using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets To Prepare Insurance Summaries?

Isn't It Frustrating...

Wrestling With Complex Calculations?

Just Spending Too Much Time Without Direct Benefits?


A Solution To All Those Issues And More Is Available To

Synchestra Rookie and Consultant Users!

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Figuring Out An Easy Way To Present Them?

Just use a tried and tested template, adopted by some of the best agents and advisers in Singapore and Malaysia

Have all your insurance summaries organized by contacts, ensuring fast access and sharing with your clients

Open needs based conversations that lead to REAL SALES opportunities and bring prospecting to a new level

Use only 30 seconds per policy for every insurance summary you do?

All that and more...

What if you could...

All While Using Your New Script Effectively!

We wanted to help you achieve all that, so we created Synchestra Insurance Summary and Snap & Sync, two of the many apps included with a Synchestra Subscription. We even have a script for you to use it immediately - for closing BIGGER cases FASTER!

But I Already Use An Insurance Summary! 

Why Should I Use Synchestra?

Before we answer that, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How much money does an insurance summary make you? Is it a "Value Added Service" for higher customer satisfaction or does it directly result in revenue and commissions?
  2. Think about the last time you brought all your client's policies back to the office, how much time did you spend keying everything into your spreadsheet application? 1 hour? How much did you procrastinate before you actually got down to doing it?
  3. How good are you at using excel, sheets, or any other application? Are your summaries dynamic? Do they update the client's goals and priorities as you add products?
  4. How many times have you lost track on where you saved the latest version of your client's insurance summaries?

So Why Does Insurance Summary Work?

Spend as little time as possible on insurance summaries. Leave the number crunching to us, all you need to do is to key in the main required fields

Use a standardized default view of an insurance summary, while still allowing power users to click for more details as needed

Show how your solutions affect the clients' priorities dynamically, giving you the window to position your recommendations as an essential solution

Keep track of different versions of each client's summary. Allowing you to show clients how they have been steadily taking steps towards their goals with you

Store policy documents along with the keyed in policy, so you'll never have to worry about finding the right photo you took for each policy!

As our mission is to make our users' lives easier or help them earn more money, we create a way for you to...

Synchestra Insurance Summary 

is the easiest-to-use, fastest way to add value to your treasured clients - while giving you the opportunity to increase cases sizes!

But I Still Need To Enter The Policy Information?

If you're asking this question, perhaps you're preparing insurance summaries for a vast majority of your customers. That certainly takes up too much time for a productive adviser doesn't it?

Synchestra Snap & Sync

Is The App You've Been Waiting For!




Snap & Sync lets you point your phone at the most relevant pages of most insurance policies, and just...

And the client's insurance summary will be ready for you...

Within 2 working days

All fields keyed in for you

With a 95% accuracy service promise


With Insurance Summary And Snap & Sync Every Financial Sales Professional Can Now...

Open needs-based conversations easily and close bigger cases faster

Spend less time on non-billable tasks and more time on building relationships with clients and prospects

Have the best client servicing. Make Changes, view, and share Insurance Summaries from any device

Have better organisation of their clients' policies and documents.



Synchestra Also Comes With An Entire Suite Of Apps For Any Elite Financial Sales Professional...

Stop poor follow up with Synchestra CRM - the only CRM built SPECIFICALLY for financial sales professionals, by financial sales professionals

Passive lead generation and simpler prospecting with Profile Builder

3 steps to sell needs and collect leads with Retirement Planner

ATTRACT apps are built for financial sales professionals to generate leads and qualify more prospects with less effort and less headaches

CONVERT apps give users clarity over their prospects' portfolios, allowing them to close bigger cases faster

These apps are all available via the Synchestra Marketplace and comes bundled with every Synchestra Consultant Subscription among other amazing services!

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